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A cute ass bitch with a pretty face and a nice body, she’s really shy at first when you meet her, but once you let her get comfortable around you she’s the cutest human being ever.

She’s very good friend who brings out the best in you, she has a cold icy look but she can’t help it.
She’s into books and music and gets attached easily. If you call her cute or compliment her you’ll stay in her mind all day. Really smiley and bashful all the time, likes hugs.
Have you seen Cherelle ?
Hell yeah, she is a cuuuutie
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by Mmmmmdonuts November 17, 2017
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A typical female pikey name, originating in Isle of Sheppey. It came about after a misspelling of the name Cheryl

On the Isle is commonly mispronunced as Shir-rel, but this is a common misconception as in reality its more common variants are Shir-relly, Chair-elly or Shur-elly.

Defining charcteristics of your typical "Cherelle" are that of dark mascara, dark hair, pale skin, a very voluptuous upper body and very well maintained booty

Due to their appearence it is a common misconception that these beings are goths but do not be fooled as they are just typically pikeys
I went to see Cheryl...Cherellie...Cherelley...err I went to see that pikey girl today
by Wai Taklun July 31, 2006
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