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Salvadorian slang for someone that is either white as of Caucasian or just light skinned.
Yo, Melvin. Go fuck that Chele ass motherfucker up!
by anonymous April 17, 2005
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Chele is a legend. She is beautiful and stunning with a smile to light up a room.
A friend to cherish and a girlfriend whom you would be proud to have on your arm. She had a magical sense of humor and Wit that rivals none.
Chele's make the best Mum's ever..her kids will feel loved and wanted.
Chele's Man should feel so proud and so extremely blessed to have such an outstanding woman. He would never want to let her feel underappreciated as there is a line of men anxious to take his place. Blessed be anyone in Chele's life.
by Not Chele...damn it July 30, 2017
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argentine word for skeet / sperm
Poshi was covered in chele after "garchar" while Papi Poshi was away buying chicken at publix.
by l_l_i May 13, 2009
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A Honduran term for a person of white skin. Many may confuse this term with wero or guero but it is different because wero is used for a person with light skin and blonde hair. Chele can be used for anyone of light skin regardless of their hair color. For women use Chela. This term may also be used in many other Hispanic countries especially in Central America.
"Decile al chele que venga aqui", "Llama al chele que el dijo que iva a ir", "La chela no quiere al chele"
by castellano September 17, 2018
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A nickname in the rural north east united states as a term of endearment for girls
"Oh hey my little Chele!"
"ehh What do you want this time?"
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Spanish for tiny annoying fucking little flakes that are in your eyes when you wake up, that you have to take out or else they get fucking annoying. Also known as sleep dust or sand.
Fuck, these cheles are making me blind man. Time to go to the bathroom.
by blackmboxer March 26, 2011
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