very beautiful inside and out. she loves it when she makes someone laugh, confidence is one of her problems. very athletic, and a teeny bit stocky. Chela's are usually short, but mighty. They have a tendency to fall in love with the wrong person, and break hearts. They party harder than the average partier, and they are usually very proud of that. They love every single race and thinks that everyone is unique and somewhat beautiful in a way. Chela's are never judgmental, they just don't associate with people they don't want to associate with. They have a very creative mind. Can be very bitchy and smart. Can be found pretending to write a story on their laptop at Starbucks while chowing down on a blueberry muffin and lovin a caramel machiatto. Can be found staying up all night because they think too much. Type of person who has a beautiful singing voice, but really needs serious training. ADHD. Chela's are very confusing to alot of people, and to guys, a mystery. Guys usually think of her as, the short, hyper, cute girl who smiles too much. Loves hoodies. Most of the times a momma's girl. She can be scared to take chances, and will think people don't like her, but she likes everyone and constantly gives chances. Wears cool bracelets. Has a huge smile. She'll inspire you in some weird way.
Chela, wow she's a very rad person!
by whenlifegivesyoualemon. August 23, 2009
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A beautiful strong woman that is able to capture a man's heart and soul by her personality alone.
Every man deserves and needs a chela to complete them
by DeonDray March 06, 2003
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The difference between siksha (student) and chela (disciple) is the difference between somebody who is out there taking notes but not really committed, and somebody who is your child. The chela is, in fact, thought of as the child of the Master. This includes being disciplined and taught, but more importantly, it means having a close, loving relationship with the Master, being a part of his family, and an heir to his spiritual wealth.
by ChelaGlez January 28, 2008
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Well this girl is hella mf great and probably the most unique youโ€™ll ever find. Great person too spend time with and to get cheered up by. Such a beautiful smile and personality and person in general. She tha kinda girl u would honestly die for if you really had to and couldnโ€™t trade up for anything youโ€™ve ever wanted or could think of.
Damn Chela is a keeper!
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by Banana09 May 07, 2018
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Usually the nickname for someone named Rebecca.
I call my friend Rebecca by the name Chela sometimes.
by Maylay123 April 17, 2019
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