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1) A social dynamic involving both cheese and pants that enables groups of people comprised of ten or more persons to complete tasks that would be impossible therewithout cheese pants.
2) An unintentional ejaculation that occurs whilst wearing pants, usually when something pleasing yet highly improbably occurs.
1) Extensive statistical analysis has shown that cheese pants results in greater progression than reckless ambition.
2) I didn't die in the fire! *cheese pants*
by Richard Johnson October 31, 2007
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The event of unexpected ejaculation in ones pants, through extreame excitement to outside stimuli.
After walking up to the brand new Ferrari, Alex proceded to make himself a pair of cheese pants. However, this was nothing compaired to the cheese pants that Kurtis made after seeing the head cheerleader flash him.
by Baron Von Kaputnick April 23, 2006
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Nasty female that is rotten between the legs, pants infested with yeast and a multitude of other microorganisms. Arthropods might also be found in her panties/pants. Nasty, foul odor accompanied by a yellow/brownish substance that can also leak down the legs to the ground.
That bitch stinks like hell with her cheesepants.
by sweetghy June 18, 2009
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