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Someone who doesn't try to push themselves while exercising.
Hey truszkowski, why are you cheese dicking the run? You let the slowest guy beat you.
by JohnnyCee23 February 01, 2011
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verb - To spend all of one's time with their girlfriend thus neglecting their friends. To increasingly blow off your crew to engage in meaningless activities such as pillow talk, excessive cuddling/sex or other related actions.
Bro- Hey where's Dennis ?

Other Bro - He's with his new girlfriend...Again.

Bro- Man, I havent seen him in weeks...

Other Bro- Yeah, his cheesedicking knows no bounds
by The Arkansas Gypsy February 07, 2010
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The act of stealing any variation of cheese (or queso if you are of Hispanic descent) and masturbating wildly with this piece of stolen cheese. Please use caution, the masturbation process can leave your dick smelling of cheese. If you have a lactose intolerant girlfriend ( or boyfriend if you are of the homosexual descent), you should probably switch to something less agitating. i.e. stolen lettuce. or maybe even stolen ketchup.
A. Dude you will never guess what i just did right now.

B. what?

A. I just went Cheese-Dicking with a slice of stolen cheese!

B.Ahhhh shiitttt!
by TheGuyWhoGetsAround October 27, 2011
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The act of sucking up to, talk to someone, (and being slightly over flirty) with the sole purpose of hooking up with them, or getting it in.
Was that josef you were talking to? You were cheese dicking hard.
by therealdougie February 20, 2011
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