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That horrendous sweaty and cheesy smell that your ass emits after a long session of sitting. The smell is reminiscent of a bad gouda or camembert, or a heavy brie. Can only be rectified by a good spray of deodorant directly unto the ass or a good shower after removing those horrific pants.
"Yes Pal"
"I've got a horrific case of cheese ass going on"
"Goodness me"
by LordDonnel January 16, 2019
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(noun) 1. A stupid person who doesn't know how to drive; a crazy driver; someone who should NOT have a license, let alone be on the road with any kind of motor vehicle. 2. Some one who loves to eat cheese, thus having all of those cheese calories go right to the buttocks.
1. "Look at that cheese ass swerving in & out of the lanes on the highway!" -OR- "I wish a cop were here to see this cheese ass cutting people off with his car." 2. "This fat guy at the party was hogging all of the cheese & crackers. It's easy to see that HE had cheese ass!"
by Hung10Gemini July 24, 2008
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