A term for a type of slow dance that that was popular during the 1940s and 1950s. Made famous by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

This dance is simple in itself. What makes it special is as you dance ever slowly your and the other persons facial cheeks never leave another.

Usually the music accompanying is old jazz or vocal jazz
"And for hawkeye cheek to cheek"
Amd the ladies of the camp giggled excessively at the thought of being that close to the daring surgeon
by Theamazinggeek January 13, 2018
Spanking someone on the buttocks with a magazine or newspaper that has the spankee's photo on the cover. Before striking a swift swat to the spankee's derrière, the spanker should position the rolled publication to ensure that the cover model's face cheek meets the spankee's fanny cheek on each slap.
"Oooh, Stormy. That Trump Magazine cheek to cheek was terrific. Don't go. I have a Time Magazine around here somewhere and I have been a bad, bad boy."
by McVickerer March 26, 2018
The postion you find yourself in while giving a proper rim job.
Hey, that girl I took home last night gave me some serious cheek-to-cheek and even threw in a rusty trombone!
by FIATC January 30, 2009
When two individuals share a double-headed dildo anally. Classic positioning involves facing away from each other.
Bonnie and Susan were both on their periods so they opted to go Cheek-to-Cheek Greek even though it was no less messy.
by Lackologic December 22, 2011
The practise of hitting a woman on both cheeks and chin with your pole before putting it in her mouth.
I gave her the old cheek cheek chin before she smoked my pole.
by billy d April 9, 2006