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A phrase for when one makes an ignorant remark about another's life issues, or a sheltered opinion more commonly referred to.

Unfortunately, this has been used against straight white males due to the fact that society has depicted them to be racists, homophobes, sexists and just a huge problem to society in general. To use "check your priviledge" simply because one is a white, straight male is as ignorant as the sheltered opinion they may have not said or believed in the first place. Anyone can make a sheltered opinion no matter what their sexual orientation, race or gender may be.
Original definition:
Person 1: "You know, I don't understand why poor people are poor. They should just get jobs"
Person 2: "Check your privilege"

Derogatory term used against white, straight males:
Person 1: *looks at a woman's butt*
Person 1: "...What?"
by Unbiased Definition March 06, 2014
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"I can't breathe, said Floyd as he was being suffocated. "I can't breathe" thought more than 100,000 victims as they were dying of Covid. "I can't breathe" chanted countless Americans in the streets, protesting enduring police brutality.
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A term screamed by far left sheltered liberals when they hear a white person say something that might offend someone that isn't a straight white male. You will have this term screamed at you if say anything offensive to the LGBT, blacks, or any other kind of person thats not white, straight or male.

The term is stupid because while these hippie liberals think these minor social problems are big in America and that those affected by them have their lives ruined by any kind of "hatred" here, they think therefor the same social issues are a big deal for the rest of the world, but they forget that places like Somalia exist, where you will be murdered just for being alive, let alone being white or gay.
Did you see that dyke yelling "Check your privilege" to that white guy over there?

Why was she yelling at him?

Some black lady with an enormous ass walked by and he checked her out. Apparently this is degrading and holds bootylicious black women back from succeeding in life like he has.

How does she know hes had a successful life?

She knows because hes white.
by Cancerontheassofscience July 28, 2013
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getting someone to acknowledge their own inherent privileges and reminding them to put them aside in order to better understand another human's plight.
"...Bruce Jenner...."
PC Principal- "Did you just say 'BRUCE'?! It's not Bruce fuckin' Jenner! It's Caitlyn, and she's a fuckin' stunning woman. You need to check your privilege."
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by Mrs.Stkrdknmibalz November 18, 2015
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A saying/online expression that is mainly used by social justice warriors to remind that the body they are born in comes with specific privileges that do not apply to specific arguments or situations. The phase also suggests that when considering another person's plight, one must acknowledge one's own inherent privileges and put them aside in order to gain a better understanding of his or her situation.
White cis boy: After the divorce, Michelle gets to keep the kids even though she didn't take care of them.
Sjw: so?!?!? You're white!!!1 you're cis!! You're a MALE!!! Check your privilege.

If you are in a heated home, typing on your laptop, you are privileged.
by martini666 February 15, 2015
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A phrase used when someone is operating in a sheltered mindset of racial, sexual, national or other exceptionalism. This phrase is typically employed when someone is speaking in an arrogant or ignorant manner, or being smug or condescending as a result of privileged status that they were born into, or achieved by virtue of their race, class, or caste.
Things one would respond to with "Check your privilege":

1. If the ghetto is so bad, why don't they just move out?
2. Is racism really even an issue anymore?
3. If they're so poor, they should just get a better job.
4. Well of course they're losing their house, it was a poor investment. Serves them right.
5. My parents worked hard so I don't need a handout.
by This isn't a made-up sex act. December 25, 2013
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A term that started on social media some time that tells people to check how privileged they are. It has turned into a comeback by people against people like rich teens or over privileged adults.
Rich Kid: Oh my God my Mercedes smells like crap from that private dinner with the Prime Minister of England.
Person 1: Shut up kid and check your privilege
by Xx_PC_P3RSON_xX November 29, 2015
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