When someone totally crusts out your banger or nail,and basicly wrecks your quartz.....
Goddamnit Randy,you Chazzed my new Quave banger.....
by Joe Khaos October 18, 2018
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The action of Chazz Princeton defeating you in a children's card game.
Alright geek! Prepeare to get chazzed!
by K44N June 2, 2019
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To be utterly shat upon in any facet of life whatsoever.
“That chem gets just chazzed me.”
by Notchas October 16, 2019
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Being so incredibly stoned that you can't move, hold any sort of conversation whatsoever, and will only accept "Steak & Shake" as the answer to everything.
Ben: Yo man you wanna go to Wal-Mart with me?
Evan: Nah man I'm chazzed. Steak & Shake?
by Marques Bowlston November 1, 2010
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To receive a short, funny, or matter-of-fact IM, with no follow up response.
I totally got chazzed again today. Chuck sent me an IM saying that, "this girl was at Hobby Lobby (according to foursquare)." I replied with a "lol," but received no further response.
by ChazzedAgain April 28, 2010
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N. A feeling of incredible badness. V. To be owned greatly Adj, to Be Owned.
"I was so Chazzed last night." "Ricky Chazzed me in Halo last night"
by Chazzed March 20, 2008
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Verb - a level of chilling out, but with a but more oomph (hence the jazz-type sound).

Noun - to be in a chilled but awesome state of mind.
"We are chazzing in the beach after finishing our 10th beer."

"We are headed out to get our chazz on."
by fwafwow July 4, 2019
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