That one guy who acts tough then crys like a little bitch when ever he gets hurt
Guy 1:- look over there *points at the tough guy*
Guy 2: please,He a bitch ass nigga
Tough guy:* gets pinched and starts crying*
by Blaze Uchiha October 9, 2017
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A nigga who just be built like a whole ass bitch by engaging in very bitch made behavior.
"That nigga munga been acting like a bitch"

"Yeah he kinda look like a bitch ass nigga"
by Squillium the third November 4, 2019
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Someone who acts and is like a bitch. May be a male but acts like a bitch. Swears he can beat anyone up until he's the one getting his ass whooped.
Carlos is a bitch ass nigga for talking shit.
by Realshit100001 July 8, 2017
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A brotha that acts like a sista, always whinin' and talkin too much taking your stuff, talking behind your back etc
by Killa B July 16, 2004
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A Gump nigga that's always down talking another man just to gain some sort of favor with other bitch ass niggas. A nigga that's always complaining about life and his babies mama. A nigga that's always moving from town to town and city to city just to be the cool guy again.
That bitch ass nigga Bryan is always hatin and complaining about his kid's moms, so when they put him on blast he skipped out. I heard that bitch ass nigga went to Detroit this time because real niggas here won't fuck with him.
by Q-Love June 13, 2019
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A slack ass, piss poor excuse of a man! Talks a good game but ain't about SHIT and ain't never gonna be shit. Blames all his downfalls on everyone else and excepts no responsibility for his slackness!
by msthing January 27, 2007
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A bitch ass nigga is a male who really don't admitt that their wrong, the only way he will is to find something wrong u did as well, until eventually its just you that was wrong not him (the mind games is a characteristic of a bitch ass nigga too). He don't respect females none and will argue with they girl in public with their child with them. A bitch ass nigga walks away with something of yours constantly just to make himself feel better because he cant win the argument. A bitch ass nigga will get female tendencies and will talk behind yo back sometimes. He will say sorry just to get you back where he want you and start doing the same stuff all over again. It's impossible being in a relationship with a bitch ass nigga.
(After a heated argument)
That bitch ass nigga is walkin off with my money that I've been waiting for for weeks and I finally got it today on my birthday and he's taking away money from my daughter too!

BITCH ass nigga text hours later: I needed money because I knew I couldn't come back home after all that and have to eat, and stop saying I took money away from my daughter! You should have just came to the side to talk to me like I wanted you to

So me not talking to you because I'm in a rush and low on patients with you makes it right to take my money????
by fucklove489 August 14, 2014
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