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Marijauna. Mary Jane Goodtimes.
"You wanna smoke some sqeauf?"

"Lets get fucking sqeaufed out of our minds!"
by Drink Till U Drop May 13, 2009
Not only a derogatory name for your friends (Closely Resembling "Bitch" or "Punk") It is also a state of being, a way of acting or carrying oneself that causes your friends to question if YOU ARE IN FACT STILL A TRUE MAN.
As a name: You are a fucking chauncy, just walk it off...

As a reference to behavior: Q: You wanna drink beer and light things on fire?
Chauncy Answer: No, I am (a) tired OR (b)gonna spend time with my girl....
Either if these answers and actions are red flag warnings that your friend may be falling into A STATE OF CHAUNCY.
by Drink Till U Drop May 13, 2009