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A girl who is known for being beautiful both inside and out. Usually on the shy side, they can come off as boring. However, once a Charlotte opens up, she is charming, kind, intelligent and funny. Usually have great smiles. The girl that all the guys are secretly in love with. Said to be very good in bed. Charlottes are fun-loving and enjoy being around people. Loves to party but is very chill, most Charlottes are not wild and crazy. They have a good sense of the world around them and love their family and friends. Anybody would be lucky to have a Charlotte in their life.
Guy 1: Yo, man, that girl is a Charlotte.
Guy 2: Damn, your right, I wish she would notice me.
by lalalalalalalallalalalalala March 03, 2009
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(Of a girl) She is gorgeous, extroverted, cute, intelligent, hard worker, rather stubborn and hot. She has a lovely body although she won't admit it. She probably has a large-relationship list but will settle with a correct person. She is always nice and always has a smile on her face. She will lighten anyone's day, no matter how sad you are feeling. You are very lucky if you know any Charlotte and even luckier if you are actually have a crush for her. She will not intend to harm you in any way if it's a one-way love but she'll make you very happy if you end up together.
Speaker 1: "I though you were really depressed today."
Speaker 2: "I have just been talking to a Charlotte."
by Xaringan November 14, 2011
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A girl with radient beauty. She is beautiful, funny, intelligent, amazing and perfect. Living perfection. Loves to party and a real maths wizard.
Charlotte looks beautiful today, no she always does.
by sphibbsy April 09, 2015
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The definition of ‘The best friend you could ever have.’ Charlottes are loyal, caring, funny and so incredibly smart. They always know how to make you laugh, cheer you up, and give you the best advice. You should feel so lucky to have a Charlotte in your life and even luckier to have one as your Bff. It wouldn’t matter if you ever get separated from her because you know that she will always be there for you.
Charlotte is honestly by far my favourite person in the world.
by HmmfCreator May 27, 2009
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Charlotte is the most beautiful and most perfect girl in the universe. I know she doesn't believe me when I tell her that, but she truly is. Not only is she my girlfriend, but she's my best friend and I love her with all my heart. Anyone who has her in their life don't know how lucky they are. And, I honesntly can't wait to do all the things that I want to do with her... If that makes sense? I don't know. She's the most lovely and caring person I know. Even if you aren't on speaking terms with her, she'll still be there for you cause that's the kind of person she is. She's my cherry, and I'm so glad I met her. I hope one day you will really believe me when I tell you how beautiful you are and gorgeous you are. You take my breath away whenever I talk to you. You make me the most happiest boy in the world. And yeah okay this is cheesy but honestly Idgaf. No words can't explain how amazing you are... and how much you mean to me. That's all I want to say. I love you. :3
by Charlie-Pizzaisminebitch November 25, 2012
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A girl (hopefully) who is very pretty and very smart. She seems to always have a smile on her face and that usually gets you warm inside and makes you smile as well. Hopefully, if actually know one or with a Charlotte you are rather the luckiest guy on earth or you have a great friend. :D
Guy: Dude you know that one Charlotte girl
Guy 2: Yeah dude she is soooo damn hawt!
Guy: I KNW RIGHT! I want her soo bad
Guy 2: Dude i want to hit that
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A very beautiful girl. She isn't short neither tall. She's not fat and not to skinny . She's very smart and funny. She has a good sense of humor and a good taste of music . She's the best friend that someone could ever have , even from a big distance. It's always a pleasure to talk to her and she always knows the right things to say . She doesn't only have an amazing ass but also an amazing personality. She's very talented and is good in everything she does. She likes football. Everything she wears looks good on her and she has a really good taste for fashion. Summarized : She's smart , beautiful , sweet , talented and a really good friend , so if you meet this person then don't let her go because you'll regret it. People always say that perfection doesn't exist but she comes really close to it.
Man 1 : She's so smart and beautiful , she's perfect.

Man 2 : Offcourse , she's Charlotte.
by Brian 28071994 August 28, 2011
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