An expansion NBA team that has been in the league since 2004. It has had an impressive 2005-2006 season considering that their star player, Emaka Okafor, was injured most of the year. They have a very low pay roll, and pretty good talent and they will establish a playoff-esque team in possible 2 to 4 seasons.
The Charlotte Bobcats have the lowest payroll in the league and some impressive players.
by Tril Nole May 5, 2006
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The 30th and newest expansion team in the National Basketball Association. Even with rookie sensation Emeka Okafor, out of the 2004 NCAA Champion UCONN. They're going to suck ass for the next 5 years.
Hey what was the score of that Bobcat game? Charlotte: 73 - Chicago: 110
by Xion February 13, 2005
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Noun you give to a basketball team that will never even DREAM of making the playoffs because of suck-ass players and a low-ass salary.
The Hornets were so much better than those suck-ass Charlotte Bobcats.
by What's a name? July 31, 2006
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nelly part owns this new NBA team
charlotte bobcats!! vs the san antonio spurs....of course charlotte wins ya derrty
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