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hey michelle if abbya left in jan. how why did i see him on impact yesterday

tna is total nonestop action
the biggest of the natioal wrestling allinces promotion and the only competion for vince since wwe bought wcw ecw
tna is kool i love the x-division
by Xion May 7, 2005
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a wreslting move were you jump froward lay down in the air and land on your back on your oppt.
bubba ray just sentoned trish
by Xion May 7, 2005
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a move creadted bye the greatest wrestler of all time the charasmatic enigma jeff hardy a 180degree front flip with arms out you jump off of the tope rope(or ladder or cage or stage or jumbo screem or any thing jeff is crazy) arms out cruxifix arch your back then wright before you land onyour face throw your to your side flip over land on your back on your openent
holy crap jeff just swantoned off that 24 foot ladder and put bubba ray dudley throu that table onm the ramp how on earth did not kill him self
by Xion May 7, 2005
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the hurriacne kick used bye ken and ryu in street fighter a forward spinning roundhoudse kick
ken jumped up and kicked and yell tatsumakisenpukyaku
by Xion May 7, 2005
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1:an annoyying little mindless bitch who worships the worst rocker on earth marylin manson whos the king of dueche

2:ppl comenly called goths bye those to dumb to know what goth is
go head and like manson i dont care just dont a little bitchy mansonite and call him god
by Xion May 7, 2005
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best friend of ryu and fellow follower opf shotokan karate

street fighter 11
ha HA HA i just shoryukened you wit ken bich
by Xion May 11, 2005
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a back flip that ends on the stomach in stead of the feet used in pro wresling done from the top rope middle rope of ladders cages the apron the ground
matt hardy just moonsaulted chrsitain on that ladder sick
by Xion May 7, 2005
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