Reading someone's mind with scary accuracy. Even more true if the thing that was mind read was so far out of left field that it feels like Professor X was sitting by in his wheel chair probing your inmost thoughts. Likely, the charlesing will be reoccuring and become an irritation. It's a creepy bonding experience.
(Guy 1 thinks of ordering a pineapple and pepperoni pizza)

Guy 2: Man, I'm crazy hungry. Let's order some weird-ass pineapple pepperoni pizza or something.

Guy 1: Quit charlesing me, bro!
by Psystar October 01, 2011
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Verb; The word Charlesed is used to describe a sexual act or any other act performed by one guy to another person that is unwanted. Inspired by the person of the same name with this tendancy.
One night while I was asleep on the couch, I awoke to find myself being Charlesed by David in the mouth.
by Rob, Jason, Mike March 19, 2005
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most adorable baby you’ll ever see with her tight brown curly ringlety hair and big brown beautiful eyes she is a nz beauty and will grow up to be the most amazingly beautiful model and a perfect body charlese is the best of the best and you will never find a better or brighter person in ur life her laugh/giggle will be the light of you’re life.
hold on to that charlese you won’t find any better
by taylor.taylor.lughtnor November 25, 2017
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Charlesed can also refer to being killed in a game (like DoTA) by a shitty player. It is used to express outrage at being owned by some dipshit with a room-temperature IQ and a fully upgraded Dagon.
That mother fucker just Charlesed me! I had like 80 life left and he used his fucking Dagon? Is he fucking retarded?
by Eric MacKay May 10, 2005
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the dumbest bitch to ever exist and she smell like bath and body works lotion
she like jongin and is a questionable straight

she laugh weird
mariah carey is gawd to her
omg charlese is such a dumb bitch wtf
by idk not charlese def not May 15, 2019
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To masturbate in a public area such as school or the office. Those who participate often will not care or have little regard for the look of disgust on their peer's faces.
"Oh my God, did you see that guy charlesing? I am NEVER shaking HIS hand!"
by brdof hrms April 02, 2008
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Charlese means kind soul.if you ever meet someone named Charlese she is the nicest person you will ever meet.And beautiful soul.
“Charlese your nice
Thank you
by Mikewery December 28, 2020
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