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A Polynesian god famously depected as a fish entity in Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. He is the deity worshipped by the sub-human cultists in several of Lovecraft's stories, most famously, "The Shadow Over Innsmouth."
Dagon rose from the sea, filling the air with scent of dead fish and a sense of impending doom.
by Umbris Dementium January 22, 2015
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1.Named after a fish God
2. Freaking Awesone in Bed
3. Heart Breaker
4. Freaking Player
6. Drug Addict
7. Freaking SEXY
8. he has the most incredible laugh
Wow. He is such a Dagon
by 2012hottie March 13, 2009
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The name of the bull shark in Lake Michigan named for the story by H. P. Lovecraft, an urban legend with teeth going back before the dinosaurs. Some cases being related of a Bull Shark also found in Lake Erie too, okay the short story "Yest Ye Become One" becomes even more frightening of other cases of this -- WGN in Chicago did a blog entry asking the question. The light blue blog reblogged this making smart ass remarks about how Chicago managed to gain a new pet. Takes what Sharknado and implies it was leftover from that.
By the way; you may not want to put domestic abusers or child sex offenders in a boat with a hole drilled in it within the water's of Lake Michigan. You may never know when an urban legend with Flesh and Teeth comes up doing a bite and run, did we mention we gave him a name. His name is Dagon.
by ilinoishorrorman December 29, 2018
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