most adorable baby you’ll ever see with her tight brown curly ringlety hair and big brown beautiful eyes she is a nz beauty and will grow up to be the most amazingly beautiful model and a perfect body charlese is the best of the best and you will never find a better or brighter person in ur life her laugh/giggle will be the light of you’re life.
hold on to that charlese you won’t find any better
by taylor.taylor.lughtnor November 25, 2017
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1. A middle-aged man, generally of french/canadian descent (or of any descent but known for being a back-stabbing, ignorant bastard) who expends more time and energy avoiding work by filing fraudulent disability and workers' comp claims than the energy it would take to actually work a full-time job. 2. A man who has been out of work for so long that boredom and inactivity has resulted in him developing homosexual pedophilia. He masturbates and dreams of molesting little boys.

A Charles E differs from "white trash" in that he portrays himself as moral, friendly, descent and "victimized" in public but behind closed doors,is generally abusive and a world-class asshole to his many kids and wife. To be classified a "Charles E", one must spend no less than 6 total months collecting workers' comp, disability or either combined with welfare. A Charles E usually smokes heavily and has some minimum skill level or trade experience but is too lazy to work. A Charles E can not help to blame those closest to him for his bad "lot in life" and is genetically unwilling and incapable to take any responsibility.
He got hurt and is "Charles E'in" it. He's layin' around like a "Charles E". He's a goddamn Charle E. Work is pissed at him because he's "Charles E'in 'em". They won't hire him because he's a "Charles E". He's pullin' an "uncle chucky". "Charles E Mode".
Keep your eye out when you're on the playground for "uncle chucky".
by basetounit9 October 05, 2006
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