chaotic..system is amazing but stinky
“hey did u know chaotic..system is amazing?”
ye but they also stink
by CyrilPee September 22, 2021
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someone or something that changes styles, and or looks over time having a little bit of every alt aesthetic.
they can have any type of look, any day and any type of personality like bubbily or quiet and chill or chaotic. being chaotically funny is most common In artsy chaotic people
woah, DJ has an artsy chaotic aesthetic
by DJ Seirra October 06, 2020
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A state where someone is pure and positive, but is bound to become corrupt and evil.

(side effects may include extra leg and moose noises)

Term originates from someone who was a nice and positive guy at December, but started to turn to the dark side once he realized the truth.
John : "Yo dude, I'm having a blast with this semester!"
Mike : "You're being December Chaotic dude, you're gonna get shit on once midterms start"
by Moomin guy July 22, 2019
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Always Chaotic is a small YouTube channel formally known as "Nutella Rules UwU" or "Choco_Chipルール." The channel creates Gacha content. Usually circling around Undertale, FNaF, or random OC videos.
Is extremely cringey
"Omg, it's that cringey YouTube channel Always Chaotic!!"
by SaturnEverySaturday December 30, 2021
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