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social avoidance claim. claim made as a vague, non-descriptive yet definitive "reason" for being too busy to or unable to do something that's being requested of them. a way to informally get out of a task or avoid being asked to do something or attend a thing with others. commonly used to defer or deflect requests of one's time. usually when used, a person will he expected to explain or give cause for the deflection. to which, as long as it's kept vague and non-committal, this excuse can be used and have lies added to them strategically. maybe then also avoiding future, unwanted requests, without being straight up avoiding the questions. a civil, politically correct, socially polite way to decline. maybe you have good reasons, maybe not. you don't owe them an explanation, depending on circumstances of course. but technically, it's between you and your diety or non-religious secular beliefs. best use an excuse that cannot be confirmed or realized as false by external means or people, like mutual friends or family, social media posts, or location pings in apps shared. just a warning that overuse of this may lead to murky interactions with more folks than the one originally lied to. sometime you really are just busy doing something, even if that something is nothing at all but a break. smoke screens are useful but only in moderation.
person a: "I really need help moving next weekend. you said you're off work, can you help?"

person b: "I can't, im doing something important."

person a: "what do you have planned that's more important than helping me move before I lose my security deposit to a bad roommate?"

person b: "whoa! I'm not choosing to be busy over helping you. I've have been planning on doing something for my niece that weekend for xa few weeks now. you just laid this mess of yours out today....so...im sorry but I'm doing something.
by labrathippiefriarfly July 15, 2021
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biological sphere wherein contains the biome of whatever is being governed by the biosphere. Earth is a legit biosphere. as in the biomes within are equally working as subordinates to earth's biosphere. if i were to minimize the biosphere to contain only a specific island for example....itd have to quarantine not just the island, but the sky above(which is a shared biome with outside infliencers), and the water, earth and rock below or underneath it. only theoretically can this biosphere be legitimately considered as such. itd make more like a 3d pillar, containing all the biomes within it like a core sample. biosphere can be loosely defined and used outside or within intellectual circles but most biologists would refute its use as a necessary discernment outside of theory. I'd wager the solar system could be a parental biosphere containing earth's and all other matter within that space as biomes, it's children.
when the astronaught removed her helmet on the new planet, her immediate contact with the atmosphere began to change the biomes within that biosphere. in fact, her ships brushing the upper atmosphere was the true start of corrupting the biosphere on this new world. never can the changes be reversed, only minimalized for study from here on out. dissatisfied with her momentary unprofessionalism, she winced and replaced the helmet for now. never speaking of the mistake again, in case she just caused the genocide of a previously unknown species.
by labrathippiefriarfly July 15, 2021
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a phrase used to describe a good friend with benefits or lover that not only sucks you off, but blows cocaine up your butt....or maybe even offers sounding as a sexual option. we all need a friend without fear of the Netherealm exploratory, weird, sex and non sex stuff, right? sucks and blows can used as a whole saying or as each part individually.

also could be used to describe a shop-vac that does indeed suck and blow air through itself . useful for many things.

sucks and blows is also a toggle on the space balls mothership from the classic fi Spaceballs by Mel Brooks. check it out.
"it appears as though she's gone from suck, to blow!" -witness to Space Ball 1's transdirectional switch for the oxygen collector/shop-vac.

person to self: I need me a girl thats sucks n blows. not one that's sucked and blown her way to a career in film or whatever. no, I need s gently loving women with sucking power, who's not afraid to blow a little cocaine up my ass hole from time to time. like a Seabreeze snow storm in my brown eyes black hole, direct link to my whole soul's hole. like when i was paid that troll toll for a boy's soul. it's always a sunny day when someone can help me sounding my peen or cocaine dressing me backdoor opening. I hope she sucks and blows, my next girlfriend or imma need some good money to funnel away from coke. or maybe a buying a butt hole funnel. a butt funnel. reach-around yourself ya weirdo.
by labrathippiefriarfly July 15, 2021
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1. combination of shystey and weird. weisty people are shite, goof balls needing no special attention, thought they crave it most certainly.

2. waste of a human plus hastily done action equals a waste of human actions. a dumpster human is a synonym.

3. wise and shystey combined...a sort of off handed compliment akin to cunning or guile. wiley and shystey are also likely a combo for this.

4. a Caucasian or white person that is determined to be both tasty and or fiesty. making them the weistiest folks on the block. probably useful as insulting someone. but i doubt anyone ever will use it.
Bethany canyon be so weisty with dating, nor normal like her sister.

undermining this weisty human will be a pleasure, like doing the world a favor by taking out its garbage. one weisty dumkof at a time.

weisty, im patiently awaiting the return of the homeowners while I hide in their closet. unbeknownst to them I will be giving them a surprise show.

waste that pasty lil weist boy before I do. he got an fucked around for the last time. finnin out the hard way this time lil weisty brotum licking fuck nut. -idk I don't wrote dialogue well... said by some guy online
by labrathippiefriarfly July 15, 2021
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an unorganized lawless region of space where anything goes for visitors. what happens in swing space, stays there. forever in flux this region is constantly changing as it moves about back and forth through the cosmos on a predictable orbit between two great suns. vacationers, vagabonds, degenerates, sexual deviants, drug and thrill seekers, social addicts, politicians, etc. all are welcome in swinging space. all things eternally allowed. mostly tipping hat toward the sexual deviants as they are the more likely to be associated with it and desires to be there. like a galactic, perpetual burning man massive gathering. They're rules would probably apply here too. leave it as you arrived, do no harm to others or yourself, and be a sexually promiscuous weirdo that makes art out of anything and everything. no credits given or accepted. trades and or gifts only. trades not encouraged so much unless you're into sexial mediation of services rendered.
person 1: "ye be warned to steer clear of swinging space, they do not want trouble nor will they tolerate it from anyone. unless you wanna be in an multiple species super space orgy, you needn't go near. unless you like to watch. maybe that's your thing? you like to watch, new guy?"

person 2: "I'm watching swinging space in screen from afar right now. but I don't see anything remotely like an orgy. are there like entry gates, advertisement or signage?"

person 1: "fuckin green idiot. no ads are allowed. signage, maybe, but vague and usually misleading as it's intended to be. the idea is to call news like you to swing space like the mermaids of old. the sirens of legend that sing to draw in lonely sailors and eat them when they inevitably crash on shore. but insuppose in this case, eating you would be a slightly different experience. you'd still probably be trapped there. too much exotic fantasy fulfillment is bad for humans. trust me, kid. steer clear. swing the ship around, not the other way round."
by labrathippiefriarfly July 15, 2021
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a strange area in space where laws of physics change in what is described as a swing. it moves ethereal like in a repeated pattern, occupying shared time-space with what we call subspace. back and forth it goes, changing at will within the recorded swing. effects may vary, do not cross into the boarders of swing space. it's only theoretically possible to do so, and we don't know what would legitimately happen to a human or any matter that enters there. no tests yet have been made to solve this galactic mystery, akin to the Bermuda Triangle of Earth. maybe you go first and send us back results if you can. swing space is unholy abomination that mustve been a side effect of a star going supernova next to a black hole encroaching on the nearby affected area of explosion. causing that space time to sort of dislodge itself as a cloud like ethereal region of ever changing physics and locations within its controlled boarders. at least, for now it seems controlled. but by what, is yet unknown. hence, unholy. God's purgatory maybe?
bring the ship to halt before we enter swing space. many ships have been lost in there never to return. it's a mysterious death trap beyond humanities comprehension or understanding so far we can't even run tests on it, or perceive its history in this region of space. speculation of swing space is highly unreliable.
by labrathippiefriarfly July 15, 2021
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1. a person who overly, verbally thanks people for normal, every day things that most deems unnecessary to require a thanks. general niceties overused become annoying. like thanking my roommate every time they make a positive comment or helpful in anyway remarks. some such instances warrant a socially acceptable thank you being verbalized, while others don't. is it rude? not intentionally so, no. but can get annoying for repitition and demeans the true thank yous when spoken aloud or given after a mutually beneficial exchange with another human. thanking people for being good humans is positive. thanking them for doing neutral human things is not bad, but not good either perspectively.

2. thankful for HER. as in one's one and only, their soul mate. an obviously grateful, openly honest about it kind of person is a thankster

3. can be used as insult or constructive criticism, improvising on thanking and prankster. going out of one's way to say thank you, even one unwanted or needed by the recipient of the gratitude. grati-tatt-itude. grateful, constant, grateful attitude verbalized in thank yous all then time.
that thankster is at it again, getting under the new hires skin. he strikes 1200 gratitudes spoken for the day, a new record. the more people in this thanksters life, the more reasons he finds to say thanks. I wanna hate him for it but he's super generous and genuinely grateful it seems. how can I get this thankster to stop saying thanks for mundane, non conscious actions done toward him that he precedes to thank them for, unnecessarily. he's not making enemies but people find it hard to relate to a thankster.

I should my nut inside her, promptly I've thanks-ed her for the bang and left. she called me a thankster gangster online.

incessent hyperbolic thanking can make one into what's known as a thankster. unnecessary or inventive reasons to thank a person repeatedly have led me to believe, Jason is a thankster through and through. relentless gratitude is admirable. I just want him to not throw a meaningful expression out so frequently because it looses its oomf, it's power. like I love you repeated endlessly for stupid little things day in and day out. it's cute. but, becomes a needy little annoyance that loses its depth when overused socially. saying I love someone or something is a range of love being spoken of using the same words. thank you could be used in other ways. gratitude, like love, can be used as its own custom system or language. no need to thank me. just be grateful in peace and solemnity. overuse is abuse.
by labrathippiefriarfly July 15, 2021
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