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Girl who is beautiful, smart, innocent, cute, and in general all good things, the complete package
That Girl. She is Chandy.
by Anonymousssss45 April 24, 2008
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Chandies is a shortened name for chandeliers, a drinking game. There are several different forms, as the definition of chandeliers is not the same game that I've played. A number of cups are distributed evenly around a center cup, called the bitch cup. The bitch cup is filled to the top with the drink used (normally beer), and all the other cups are filled with about a quarter cup drink. The players stand around the table, and the first two players pong ball in one hand grab the closest cup to them with the other hand. They lift the cup up to touch one the other's cup and put it back on the table before drinking the contents. Once the game begins, the players try to bounce a ping pong ball into the cup. If they get it on the first try, they can pass it to whoever they want. If on the second try, only to the person directly counterclockwise to them. The aim is to make it into the cup before the person counterclockwise to you does so that you can knock their cup off of the table. If a person's cup is knocked off the table, they have to grab the closest cup, drink it, and continue to try to bounce their ball into the cup. If a person sucks, they can get trapped in an endless cycle of the person in front of them getting it in on the first try and passing it to the person behind them, who proceeds to make it in before they do and the process is repeated ad infinitum.
"Only pussies play chandies, let's take shots of Everclear instead"
by fratlord December 14, 2014
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A Chandy is a duck
haha look at the Chandy over there swiming lets go feed it some bread!
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A nickname for a man or boy named "Charles--Andrew."
My sister has a hot date next Saturday with Chandy Smith.
by B1BomberVB December 17, 2017
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