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15 year old actor from a small town in Georgia who made it to the big times when he landed the role of Carl Grimes on AMC's The Walking Dead when he was ten. Although he looks like a total baller, he tends to stay up until three in the morning playing League of Legends over webcam and posts in on YouTube. He's currently dating Arizonian-moved-California model and actress, Hana Hayes, who gets an excessive amount of hate from his 'fans' since he asked her out in San Francisco on April 1st, April Fools Day. He's generally friendly and kind to his devoted followers, but step out of line or make an uncalled for comment and he becomes the sass master and his fans (most of them 12-13 y/o girls who use racial slurs and vulgar language) come swarming in like vultures and make you wish you were never born. You either love him or you've never heard of him.
ie. 1

Fan: Do you know who Chandler Riggs is?

Random Person: Who?

Fan: From The Walking Dead. He plays Carl.

Random Person: OH! The little boy in the hat. Stay in the house! LOL!!!11

Ie. 2

Fan: Do you know who Chandler Riggs is?

Another Fan: OMG YAAAASS I have a fan account!

Fan: Me too!

Another Fan: Lets exchange users... Wait, did we just become best friends??

Fan: Um I think so.
by kittenmittens January 27, 2015
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Hottest guy in earth Carl Grimes on AMC 's The Walking Dead. 18 year old actor who used to date hana Hayes who cheated ion him and Brianna Maphis whom also cheated on him. Birthday: June 27, 1999
Girl 1: omg I love chandler Riggs!
Girl 2: back off girl he is mine.
Girl 1: *smacks*
Both: fight
by Crazyfangirl:P October 22, 2017
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A 19 year old fizzled out child star, who's attempts at remaining relevant are laughable. After his pointless, off-screen death on The Walking Dead, thus his loss of a the only real acting role he's ever had, he moved from Georgia to Los Angeles in hopes of his career taking off but to no avail. Perhaps it's because he's a spoiled drama queen with a nasty personality that makes him so hard to work with? It's obvious he's having difficulty adjusting to no longer having everything served to him on a silver platter, and his endless parade of girlfriends, each more unattractive than the last, doesn't seem to be filling the empty hole that his ego has created.

Person 1: Wow, what ever happened to the kid who played Carl from The Walking Dead?

Person 2: He can't seem to let go of the past. He's probably going to end up addicted to cocaine and pushing a cart of cans around the slums of Los Angeles muttering to himself about how 'famous' he used to be.

Person 1: Oh, I hope. I paid $60 to meet him at a ComicCon once and he didn't even make eye contact with me. Screw him.


Person 1: Want to see my Chandler Riggs impression?

Person 2: Sure.

Person 1: Wow. So cool. I have absolutely no personality or redeeming qualities. Please listen to the music my computer makes. What's sunlight? This is my girlfriend, she's part sloth but she's trying to be a model like every other 20 year old girl in L.A. so she meets my impossibly low standards. I need to do another signing session at a ComicCon to pay for my rent since I wasted all of my TWD money on a flamethrower.

Person 2: Spot on.
by kittenmittens October 26, 2018
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