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Geek emo. Bands and people related to this genre.
Geemo bands: Weezer, Something corperate, Taking Back Sunday.
Use: You friggen geemo... man they are so geemo
by useful idiot December 29, 2005
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A commonly-made typo.
Crap! I was looking up Nigger and I made a goddamn typo and ended up on the Niger definition.
by useful idiot April 2, 2005
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What the hell is a back to front mullet?

The real definition of a FULLET is a FEMALE MULLET!
Damnit mom, stop coming to my effin band shows with your fullet, everyone hates my band now cuz ur always cheering for us and slapping people in the face with that fullet!!!!!!!!!! cut your hair woman!
by useful idiot September 2, 2004
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punk-hardcore-emo band based out of guelph ontario.
headstruck played a good set last nite ... as in, last year.. since they broke up
by useful idiot October 5, 2004
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The "eleventh finger" which a girl uses to masturbate with. Also known as, a dildo.
I'm gonna go give myself the ol finger eleven tonite
by useful idiot November 28, 2004
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