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- (first use) when a sketchy male, creeps on a female or group of females. The female(s) should be immediatly repulsed but the male continues to creep despite obvious signs
- (2nd use) when the male is cockblocked by a creepy dude
1st - dude that guys it total chadding on those girls

2nd - that guy just got chadded
by ADDKJ June 10, 2009
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Starting the discussion about lunch plans with your coworkers, working to influence the destination and then dropping out at the last minute because you never intended to go.
The Chad: Let's hit up Benihanas for lunch today.
Coworker 1: Ah man, I don't have that kind of time or cash.
Coworker 2: Just ignore him, he's just chadding anyway.
by Endavi October 11, 2019
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Posting something to the internet from a mobile device while defecating on a toilet. Emails, forum replies and youtube posts all count. Originally started by Chad on his iPhone
"You know that hilarious post I made? I was chadding while I did it."
"What? that's disgusting! I hope you finished before you wiped."
by RoninEclipse May 01, 2009
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Chadding is when somebody talks about a category of people in order to imply that they are a member of this category without explicitly saying so. They often do this by defending this category against some sort of attack, imagined or otherwise. For example, somebody will react angrily to some low profile Twitter comment and leap to the defence of the criticised group purely so people will associate them with it. Derived from the incel community's word for an in-group male, "chad".
Guy 1: You know, with all these new rules it's just impossible to be a man these days! Guys are just not able to be masculine anymore.
Guy 2: Dude, are you chadding right now? Cause no-one thinks you're even remotely masculine.
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by Raging Jack March 18, 2019
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When you have to pull over on the side of the road and throw up.
After a full night of partying, we had to stop for some Chadding on the way home.
by RecoveringObomaSupporter May 27, 2013
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To simultaneously take multiple dicks in one's associated, usually in the doggy style position. Chad fingers is done by a slutty gay male and cannot be done with a woman.
1: Dude, I walked in on Sam list night and he was totally chadding Damien and Mark.

2: Well, Sam has always been a dirty whore.

1: True that.
by Jabberwokky January 04, 2013
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