anal sex with one of the male gender
After a long night of chadding, his dick was bleeding in pain and stds.
by dke's from dook February 17, 2005
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when an individual does something out of pure spontaneity and randomness without reason or cause. It is often also highly inappropriate in the eyes of the general public.
"Wow, these clothes are really inexpensive for the quality that they are!"

(person who is "chadding") "YEAH I LIKE DICKS!!!
by Gondrich May 03, 2010
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When a girl farts, and the fart exits the butt and goes into the vagina, which then queefs the fart out.
My girl was on the couch. She had eaten a bunch of taco bell and was Chadding up the place.
by Ourmoney May 29, 2018
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