Seaman: Would you like a bit o' me cod?
Alewife: Chaa!
by Anonymous October 7, 2002
Davy Jones- Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow?

Paris Hilton- Chaa
by dannyboy6188 January 29, 2010
Is he hot?
Like, Chaa!
by Blah August 9, 2003
korean excellence, the highest ranking of amazing a single person can achieve
"Wow that guy over there is such a chaa, he is feeding the homeless and is giving out free movie tickets!"
by mr. scalp April 27, 2009
its like shortening cha dude which was shortened (or mispronounced) from yeah dude!

if you were gonna say it but you didnt know how, it would probably be spelt (in pronouncing version):
chiah dah

(note: do not pronounce like chia from those chia pet commercials because then youll just sound stupid)
Buddy: dude this rocks!!!!

you:chaa daa