Seaman: Would you like a bit o' me cod?
Alewife: Chaa!
by Anonymous October 7, 2002
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Davy Jones- Do you want to go to the movies tomorrow?

Paris Hilton- Chaa
by dannyboy6188 January 29, 2010
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Is he hot?
Like, Chaa!
by Blah August 9, 2003
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korean excellence, the highest ranking of amazing a single person can achieve
"Wow that guy over there is such a chaa, he is feeding the homeless and is giving out free movie tickets!"
by mr. scalp April 27, 2009
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a nasty, dirty, unwashed vagina in wich a sour glaze is then left on ur face if accidentally gone down and attempted to eat a chick out
Yo last night my hott ass girlfreind didnt shower after feild hockey practice and allowed me to go down and attempt to eat her pussy...WTF blahhhhhhhhhh that pussy smelled like mayo and fish and glazed up my face, and im scard for life and wnt attempt to evr eat pussy again, nasty btch clean your sour chaa
by pestilince666 IM JUS ME May 15, 2011
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