A certificate slut is someone who continuously get cheap internet classes and certifies them self in different things in order to appear more intelligent than they are. A certificate slut pays for class after class in order to get their accomplishments and certificates posted on social media.
This certificate slut pays 14.99 for a class and thinks she's an expert on everything.

I never met a certificate slut before. She spent her whole paycheck on internet degrees that take two days to complete and then ours on their resume like they graduated Harvard.

Don't listen to that certificate slut. She only takes classes in order to be an expert on everything to impress guys into thinking she's smart.

A certificate slut has a banging body and is hot and yet no self esteem so she gets online certificates to make others think she has a brain.
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Doctor: I'm sorry ma'am, the procedure didn't work. We're sorry, you're going to have a semi-retarded baby boy. I hope this birth certificate helps.

Mother: Uhhh...what?
by JTurskz September 21, 2007
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The workout of the day on fatalfitness.com. Very similar to the CrossFit wod, Death Certificates (DCs) are extremely intense.
"Phalanx" (A FFitness Death Certificate)
80 pullups
160 dips
320 abs, your choice
by jundie August 29, 2008
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Another name for a brick, whole or in part, that one can toss through the plate glass windows of clothing stores in order to gank the latest styles.
I used my (insert favorite store) gift certificate last night, got me these Timberlands.
by ben newton December 24, 2006
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1.Certification of authenticity of a penis.
2.Certification of the health of a penis.
1.I hate those lying gossip magazines, I've got penis certification, dammit!
2.Check my penis certifications out, Lourdes, I'm all safe!
by A$$LickaLowd August 6, 2008
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It is the paper on which your birth date is written on. It USUALLY records your date of birth, but under other circumstances it could be used for just about ANYTHING. Most likely, your birth certificate is ACTUALLY an apology from the condom factory.
Wassup fool I was born in the 20's, look its on by BIRTH CERTIFICATE yo!

They told me to bring my BIRTH CERTIFICATE to prove I was 21 so they didn't let me into the gay strip club that I like to touch my weenis in.
by Dr. Ee-L Nar G.1 January 20, 2010
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The achievement given for having sex with a woman thats double your age.
Simon: "Hey Calum, how old was that woman last night?"

Calum: "54"

Simon: "Finally got your boilers certificate, hey?"

Calum: "HIGH 5!"
by ineedanameffs February 1, 2011
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