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greeting for muslims meaning "peace be on u"
Malcolm X: Assalamu alaikum!
by C-Hud July 26, 2006

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What's up? What's goin' on? Hello. Hi. Basicly, a greeting used most by Paul Wall.
'Ey mayne! Wut it do? (moves lips to show big-ass shinnin' diamonds in mouth)
by C-Hud August 21, 2005

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a girl with a nice body, but an ugly face (like butterhead/butterface). Originated from the movies "Men in Black" and "Men in Black 2" where there is a character named Jeebs whos head grows back after shot off.
"Mayne, she look good, but I onno if i'd tap dat cuz she's a jeebz most definately."
by C-Hud July 21, 2005

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when you cant fix something right away, but you hafta settle it down or at least put it off for a while
"Shit! well, ig its okay for now, i jus put a band-aid on the situation.." -taylor
by C-Hud March 15, 2006

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to ensure, agree, or ask something, like for real or mos def
-She's hella sexy
-fa certain
by C-Hud August 22, 2005

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drink including codeine, normally perscription cough medicine mixed with an alcoholic beverage. enjoyed by southern rappers like mike jones (who?), paul wall, etc.
Man, i was tipsy on dat purple barre last nite
by C-Hud October 02, 2005

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when someone keeps on talking and talking to you and it becomes really annoying. all you hear is blah blah blah blah or sssssshhhhh like static
Damn, here she comes again. She was spittin static all yesterday.
by C-Hud October 21, 2005

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