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One of the major organs of the brain. Located just above the brain stem. Responsible for balance and coordination. Damage to this area may result in "drunk-walking", where patients cannot walk properly and look like they are intoxicated.
Doctor: This patient's brain damage seems to originate in the cerebellum
by hem135 March 15, 2007
A holiday created by Penn State students in 2007. It was celebrated on March 2, because spring break was scheduled over St. Patrick's Day (March 17). Many students begin lining up outside of bars and drinking as early as 6AM to celebrate. The festivities last the entire day as students wearing green show up drunk to class, or don't go at all. Many parties are held at night, featuring green beer and green jungle juice.
Student: Last night was ridiculous, I had so much fun celebrating State Patricks's Day!
by hem135 March 14, 2007