a jail in louisiana full of fake people and hoes, fuckboy, and people who get arrested for stupid shit. where the teachers are pieces of shit and favorites kids.
Central high school is a fucking place of hell
by papieremma January 19, 2018
Central High School is one of the school’s you’ll probably ONLY go to for weed, girl’s who will throw their bodies at you FOR that weed, country kids who use the “n” word as if they are preaching to the choir, weird smelly ass freshman everyone avoids, the “popular” kids who are in abusive relationships, the group of thrasher wannabes, and just that group of loners who are actually really annoying. the only good thing about this school are the fights that happen between little freshman who have nothing better to do than embarrass themselves in front of the whole student body. don’t get me started on the teacher’s who teach nothing and are the reason we drop out.
by guesswhosstillpetty December 16, 2017
a brick building filled with so many potheads, if you burnt it down the whole town would get high
That kid must go to bethlehem central high school cause I bought some grass off him yesterday
by Oxicleanchugger June 14, 2017
A high school located in the community of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The majority of the population of this school consists of egotistical grade nines with drinking problems, pregnant and/or strung-out grade tens, sex-addicted grade eleven stoners, and grade twelves who have superiority complexes and are going nowhere in life.

The majority of teachers in this school are, at best, too stupid for their positions.
yeah, he's probably from West Central High School.
by Leter June 15, 2011
Wack high school in the middle of Portage, MI, filled with a variety of people. Preppy kids, emo kids, fat annoying freshman lineman, “so called hypebeasts,” and many more. Very infamous for the bathroom juuling.
“Yo bruh you went to Portage Central High School right?”
“Yea that shit wack
“True I cant even take a shit without getting smacked in the face with a cloud of mango smoke when I walk in the bathroom”
by Big Daddy Sach December 27, 2018
There is always something happening over at FCHS. The common sights are stoners stealing red plastic lunch trays, Antonio and his friend back at it again stealing a bathroom door from the women’s restroom, and the marching band kids literally sleeping in the Guard room or the band locker room with the instruments. Of all the things that happen at FC, there’s no doubt at least a third of it is related to drugs. One year a techie was hanging up rigging for the spring musical and almost fell to their death when the floor plating shifted leaving a hole in the skywalk. Less than half way into the year there have been 3 drug busts also someone was kicked off the bus and had the police called on them a few seasons ago for trying to bring a colour guard rifle on the bus. They were later almost tackled by the school police after driving to school because the bus refused to take them. Once me and a friend of mine may or may not have let a rabbit lose in the school and have yet to find it; however we have found a total of 7 mice in this year alone as well as 2 bats. Also there’s a blowjob hallway.
“Where are you getting all this piping hot tea sis?”
“Oh just the no sleep school known as Franklin Central High School.”
by phobetor._ October 1, 2018
a private school located in Troy New York. The student population is dropping in large mass numbers and their rapidly losing money. They will spend money on anything but a better paint job. The tuition is enough money to pay 2 years worth of your apartments rent and the people are as fake as my boob job. If you go and try to talk to someone you will immediately regret it and they will turn on your back ASAP! The school consists of 25% VSCO girls, 35% of people who think their the “shit”, 15% vapers and potheads that ruined our chance to have an upstairs bathroom, 5% mentally deranged students, 2% normal kids, and 18% of locals(people who join trends just to fit in)(like for example: Minecraft, VSCO, and Mariokart). There are some good parts about the school but they are VERY LIMITED. Overall the school is really shitty.
Person 1: What school do u go to?
Person 2: I go to catholic central high school, the trash can of troy.
by comradejefferson September 27, 2019