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a jail in louisiana full of fake people and hoes, fuckboy, and people who get arrested for stupid shit. where the teachers are pieces of shit and favorites kids.
Central high school is a fucking place of hell
by papieremma January 18, 2018
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A school located in the Shenandoah County of Virginia. The school mascot is a falcon because everyone’s smokin dope. It is filled with some of the poorest kids in the commonwealth of Virginia. Most of the kids lunch are paid for by the rare, but hard working families in the county. In this school you’re either a broke basic kid, or your part of the rich kid clique which is almost impossible to get into. There are only a select few kids that have multi generation wealth and everyone else is poor. Some kids attempt to join the “rich clique” by spending all their parents food stamp money on one vineyard vines shirt. They are almost immediately shot down by the rich kids because they know who them rich niggas are, and they “ain’t fuckin with no broke shit”
Is that kid wearing vineyard vines? Wow he must be rich!! No he’s just one of those broke ass niggas trying to hang with the rich. Pure example of a Central high school poor.
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A school in Virginia that people get arrested for almost every reason imaginable
Bombs, guns, knives and drugs were found on people in central high school
by FatAss32112 February 02, 2017
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Central High School is one of the school’s you’ll probably ONLY go to for weed, girl’s who will throw their bodies at you FOR that weed, country kids who use the “n” word as if they are preaching to the choir, weird smelly ass freshman everyone avoids, the “popular” kids who are in abusive relationships, the group of thrasher wannabes, and just that group of loners who are actually really annoying. the only good thing about this school are the fights that happen between little freshman who have nothing better to do than embarrass themselves in front of the whole student body. don’t get me started on the teacher’s who teach nothing and are the reason we drop out.
by guesswhosstillpetty December 17, 2017
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