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FCHS is a small private school that consists of about 100 people . You pay loads of money to let your children attend this high school. Teachers do not have to have a degree in anything to teach. The male teachers are all perverts that play a “Christian” role just so they can be around teenage girls. About 60% are actual religious people. 25% are nerdy guys , ( they only attend here because their parents are scared to send them to public school .) 5% are basketball recruits that come from other tiny private schools. The other 10% are just snobby rich kids who think they are better than everyone and run the world. When you send your kids here just know there will be NO fun what so ever. They have a very strict dress code , girls basically look like the Amish community. The guys look like preppy gay kids. There are no dances. There is no learning. Do your kids a favor and never send them here because if you do they will hate their life forever .
Girl: what school do you go to?

Guy: I go to FCHS
Girl: oh.. you’re one of those kids...

guy: why yes I am !
by Savhanna T May 24, 2018
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