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the idea that censorship is bullshit....nothing needs to be censored.....if you don't want to watch swearing, violence, or sexual content, DON'T WATCH IT! simple as that.....nobody is making you watch it.....they have disclaimers for a reason....and if you don't want your kids watching that shit, tell your kids what they can and cannot watch.....and if they don't listen to you then you are a bad parent for not teaching your kids to do what you say.
every time i watch tv there's nothing but censorshit everywhere.

that movie sucked because of the censorshit.
by CurvedMirror July 02, 2008
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1. a derogatory word that describes censorship for what is really is.

2. the title of the first track on the 1992 album "Mondo Bizarro" by the Ramones. The title word is not used in the lyrics, but the message is dead-on with direct attacks on Tipper Gore and her un-American PMRC cruds.
1. The PMRC's assault on the First Amendment led to more restrictions. The V Chip is one. The Politically Correct movement is another censoring form. You got extremism on the left and right. Do these assholes think we can't judge or decide for ourselves? Then the movies gurus try to tell us why flicks get their ratings but the factors listed are too nebulous and they insult our intelligence. Censorshit is evil. It's stupid to the max.

2. Critic Dave Marsh gave an interview in Rock Out Censorship during the fall of 1992 where he slammed incumbant George H. W. Bush for his statement on "Cop Killer" by Body Count, Bill Clinton for the way he criticized what Sister Souljah said, and LBNL the evil Tipper Gore. Marsh said, "Fuck all of them".

3. "Censorship is bullshit"


So that means that censoring is censorshit, right? Right on!

4. "We don't need no
no no no
parental guidance here"


5. Freedom of expression is non-negotiable. Fight any and all forms of censorship.

by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 12, 2009
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