Ceebs is a state of mind, appropriated from the term CBF. Ceebs has less syllables than the abreviation CBF, thus enhancing the lack of enthusiasm.
It is almost impossible to cure and can have devastating side effects such as a reduction in health through the strong power of ceebs.
A: "Hey, wanna come for a walk?"
B: "Nah, ceebs"
A: "K...wanna watch a movie"
B: "I would...but ceebs"
by 1c33bs November 16, 2011
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An illness, often contracted around exam time, test revision, or when assignments are due. Having the ceebs is contagious, and only a very few and select students have immune systems that defend themselves against the ceebs.
Ian: This math assignment on the radius of bubbles is due tomorrow. Why have none of you started?

Student: Because we have the ceebs!

Student 2: I've had the ceebs all week.

Student 3: UGGH CEEEBBS.

Student 4: I'm going to update my facebook status to say 'I CAN'T WORK, BECAUSE I HAVE THE CEEBS.'
by bleugh! November 24, 2010
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Ceebs is an acronym meaning, Cant even be stuffed. an extra e is added because it sounds cooler and is easier to pronounce.
Person 1: Can you pass the sauce?
Person 2: Ceebs
by GuitarDroid248 July 8, 2019
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(Pronounced 'Seebs') Short for "cba" which is an abbreviation for "can't be arsed". Used to show one's lack of emotion towards doing something.
Mark: Yo mate, you done the English homework?
Jimmy: Nahh ceebs to do it

Dave: Oi, you bangin' dat gal?
Marcus: Ceebs, she's too much effort, ya get me
by BabyLemon December 31, 2014
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Cannot be bothered. Taken from cba shortened from "can't be assed"
"Ceebs, man."
by Agness April 10, 2008
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Derived from the abreviation of 'Cant be arsed'- CBA.
'shall we do something later?'.....'na, well ceebs'
by B_chin May 27, 2007
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The term 'Ceebs' was originally coined in 2009 at Cavendish School. Ceebs is basically how to say 'I can't be assed' with only one syllable, therefore making it effective in emphasising your ceebsness.
Person A: Do you want to come over later and watch a movie?

Person B: Ceebs.
by IaMcEeBz September 6, 2011
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