The visual, from the female recipient's perspective, of her lover looking up at her during the act of cunnilingus, when her pubic hair appear rests on her partner's lip, thus resembling a moustache.
Leanne was at the height of sexual pleasure as Maurice worked his tongue over her clit, and she was thrilled to look down and catch a glimpse of Cecil's Moustache.
by wordsmithmo December 18, 2011
whenever some one says something that sounds like they are making sexual refererences, without realizing it
DUDE 1 dude my bag is stuck in my locker help me yank it out
DUDE 2: cecil alert..

CHICK 1: you prop it open with your foot and i'll shove it in there

JEFREE STAR CLONE 1: dude! that thing is friggin huge! are you sure it will fit in there?
JEFREE STAR CLONE 2: stop making all these cecil alerts!
The main protagonist from Final Fantasy IV. A dark knight who later becomes a Paladin.
Cecil Harvey is a total badass.
by doomsong123 July 2, 2007
to whip it out in class and lay it on the desk, usually when sitting next to a female. origin is from a former LSU running back with the same name.
He thought she was eyeballing him in class, so he decided to give her the dirty cecil.
by Thro March 3, 2007
1. a character from Tales of the abyss who is so gynophobic he can't even touch them, and wears ridiculously tight pants, and yet is not gay.

2. someone who is "not gay" but everyone else knows that he is.
1. Uh oh, it looks like Guy Cecil is here, better hide the girls before he freaks the fuck out.

2. I'll support him whatever lifestyle he chooses to lead, but I wish he'd stop being such a Guy Cecil and just admit he's gay.
by Kakuchan June 7, 2009
Stay away from here if you care about your mental health.
Austin: Are you okay?
Jasmine: No, I was born and raised in Cecil County.

Austin: I’m so sorry
by Anothergirlintheworld August 23, 2022
Kind of like Harambe, but not as legendary.
Cecil the Lion has nothing on Harambe
by Shrek 2 December 29, 2016