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A large sack, comprised mainly of lard and blubber.
Is a total failure at modding forums, and often verbally abuses people when they do not share the same views as he does.
Someone: Hey guys, MGS4 looks pretty good!
Golbez: lol no it dusnt you fagort sony was never good now brb while i play generic rpgs on my sony playstation 2
by Fearmonkey August 02, 2007
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N: A large (over 6' 5") white female that can school you and your mother at basketball.

V: The act of making someone say "What in the Hell?!?!" by any means necessary.
n: Did you see cindy. Holy crap she is one golly of a golbez.

V: Man Cindy just golbezed all up in your sheet.
by Killing_simon August 04, 2005
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