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A Suburb on the South Coast of NSW consisting of street crimes like Gang Rape, Gang Bashing, Gang Banging, Knifing, Hit N Runs & Drug Dealing.
Dapto is known as one of the nicest suburbs to live in the Wollongong Area.
Although Knifings and Gang Rapes happen regularly at the local Dapto Train Station, this has no affect on the Tranquil, Friendly living style of the Residential Area.
The Local Dapto High School is one of the more successful schools in the area producing Year 9 Drop outs, Year 7 Motherhood, Drug Dealers and Drop Kicks.
"I went to Dapto on the weekend and got raped by several men and had a knife held to my throat"
by jizzle1993 June 16, 2009
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A cross between a dinosaur/ pterydactyl / and a dragon referring to horrible looking women. They have horrible features, and seem to make men want to cut off their junk. noun
Damn! look at that dapto, she's sure is flapping her wings hard trying to get with corey!.
by Kevin Saunders March 27, 2007
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A short person who comes from, or exhibits traits of people who come from Dapto
Pip: Hey guys.

Everyone else: Hey Dapto.

Pip: I'm not from fucking Dapto!

Everyone else: Yes you are.
by Hazelnonihurst September 09, 2010
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