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The most beautiful girl i have ever seen in my life and quite possibly the best girl on the planet. She's the greatest girl a guy could ever have!
The 1st time I ever met Cay I thought I had died, gone to heaven and met an angel!
by Anonymous January 27, 2005
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red headed, blue eyed, jerk.
will be your best friend until he finds a girl who's better.
will lie to you then ditch you.
Person A: Hey! Do you want to hang out after school? Just you and me like we used to?
Person B: No. I'm gonna go hang with my girlfriend.
Person A: Wow. Way to be a total Cays.
by 5283h8 May 23, 2010
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Can + I = Cay. When you ask someone a question, you say Cay instead of "can i".
"Cay have a piece of gum."
by roberto01 March 22, 2007
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1) Verb - to smoke the remainder of the green and smokable bud in a piece/joint.

2) Past tense (cayed) - a piece/joint that is bereft of smokable green bud because it has recently been cayed.
1) Taylor: cay dat shit, nigga!

Jerry: aight brah then we'll load another bowl and mob back after we cay it.
Taylor: aight but hurry up and cay dis one man!

2) man, dis bowl's cayed
by Stoned Raccoon January 17, 2015
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