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Lovely, sweet and handsome boy. Has eyes that look like the waves, crashing against the calm sand.

A super cool boyfriend, it is hard to not be in love with him. He is the kind of guy, you want to take home to your parents, and eventually marry and have a family together.
Cai is a loving person who will do anything for anyone, even if they have done wrong to him. If you ever lose Cai, you will be sure to regret it.
'Cai is such a cool guy.'
'That's Cai for you'
by Dumdum1233533266 January 30, 2018
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Cold Air Intake:

Cold Air Intake Systems let your engine breathe in large amounts of cooler air, resulting in increased power at the wheels. Cold air intakes enhance the combustion process of your engine, which uses both oxygen and fuel. Cold air intake systems pull in more cold air, more cold air means more oxygen resulting in more usable power and torque throughout the engine's RPM range. Most Cold Air Intake systems relocate the air filter outside of the engine compartment or away from the heat of the engine for a cooler intake charge. Cold air is denser and heavier than warm air, which means that there is more oxygen in a cold cubic foot of air delivering a higher volume of air into the engine. Replacing your vehicle's stock air box with a cold air induction system removes one of the biggest restrictions on your engine.
Joe added a CAI to his car so his engine will breathe and perform better.
by bobhussein April 13, 2005
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a sexy son of a bitch
enormous penis
sex god
testicles hold gallons of spunk
always shagging
that dudes a right CAI!!!
by cai March 04, 2004
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Chinese American International School: a smallish, independent bilingual school in SF- specifically the hayes valley. Kids there are smart and rich.
Person 1: where do you go to school?
Person 2:'s a blah blah blah (launches into explanation)
Person 1: so is everyone there chinese?
Person 2: no, only half of us.
Person 2: the other half of us are half asian or white people who decide to learn chinese.
Person 1: so you speak chinese?
Person 2: yeah. (to self: duh)
by xyzpseudonym2 November 02, 2010
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A kinky bastard who will get triggered if you tell him that. He is very nice but is into a lot of freaky things. He is an extroverted but case who is liked by a lot of people because everyone thinks he's ridiculously attractive. He makes bad puns that become infectious, this is how he charms his way into poor humour. He seems normal and nerdy at first but no...
I met this guy and thought he was alright but he turned out to be a Cai!
by CallMeBubbles01234568987655432 January 30, 2018
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Chinese American International School, a small bilingual school in San Francisco.

People who go there are known as the Rich CAIS Kids.
1. I go to CAIS.
by TOERTELLEHNI November 28, 2010
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