A loud call resembling that of a large bird. Frequently made to attract the attention of unsuspecting pedestrians. Usually yelled out of a car window at people, followed by gauging their hilarious reactions. First created in the native land of Winnebago, IL.
Ryan: "Look at that homeless guy walking down Auburn St."
Dale: "Yeah, get him."
Emmet: "Caw Caw!"
Hobo: "What the fuck?"
by Ricardo Sandman March 4, 2010
The most annoying noise to create humor ever!!! Is the noise that someone at my work's computer plays FREAKING LOUD every time he gets an e-mail.
Caw Caw, Caw Caw, this is the sound of settling!


CAW CAW!!! ::knock everything off desk, throw a chair through the window then jump out while yelling CAW CAW!!!
by Bill Eburn April 22, 2005
like the sound a crow makes, this is the sound that you will make when someone makes a poorly timed sexual action in your direction, or to you.
Caw Caw -ing includes but is not restricted to surprise anal, and surprise nudity, surprisingly pierced genitalia, and surprised genitalia that does not belong on said gender.
by CloneaWilly69 December 29, 2020
The sound you make when a man pins your arms back and it reminds you of bird wings.
Cam *pins arm back*
Serena *flaps arms* Caw Caw
by Larry Birdy December 2, 2015
Someone untrustworthy who will, most likely, disclose personal information about you.
"Oh sheeeit mang! Caw Caw just squawked"
by Catatonic October 5, 2007
Throughout Chicagoland casinos, this is known as the legendary laugh of the "Duckman." He is known for being the comedically awful valet lead with an inept ability to spell small words or understand other basic words. He only speaks about his love of shoes.
A guest asked Duckman if he was going to get retro threes (Jordan shoes) and Duckman responded "Caw Caw Caw! I already have five of those!"
by Beam August 2, 2007
-meaning to talk to much, to keep on yapping
Woman be quiet you CAW CAW CAW too much
by Budah November 7, 2006