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Past tense of Caveman - when a girl is blowing a guy with a big cock, and the guy pulls away and swings his prized manhood back and forth while whipping his chick across her head with his big erect a caveman does to his woman when he hits her across her head with his big club.
I cavemaned my bitch last night with my big cock.

The chick saw stars all night long after I cavemaned her.

Wayne's big cock left Amanda with a black eye after he cavemaned her over the weekend.
by A guy with a very big cock April 19, 2010
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The act of a man exploiting and abusing the raw, dominating power he possesses over a willing but weaker woman to gain heavy petting, sexual release, or to feel boobies.
Joe Shmoe cavemaned my cousin. He clubbed her, dragged that bitch into an dark alley and bend her over an SUV.
by Donkey Punchers April 06, 2004
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