To interpret or view something in a particular way (usually used in vernac or South African slang )
Oh I "cav " what you mean
by Ndalo Satsha January 16, 2019
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The word 'cav' is commonly used in amercan slang, as an abbreviation for 'Anal cavity' or 'bumhole' if you will.
'Hey Joey what did you do today?' "Oh I just got back from Al's place, and yes I did cream in his CAV"
by AlsBussyForAll October 19, 2020
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Abbreviated word for "Can I have?"

Usually said quite quickly.
"Mate, Cav a drink?"
by Koalalumpa March 6, 2010
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Shortening the phrase "Can I have" by combining the three words.
Cav a dollar?
by Bobby K Brown October 17, 2011
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Short for Caviar, used to represent actions or objects that are better than others.
Similar to cool or awesome
"I bought this cav shirt today"
"I fucked some cav bitch last night"
"That is the cavest Comfort Corner, or Relaxation Station I have ever seen"
by Dave Ross November 29, 2007
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No way can your Cav keep up with my Cossie.
by Nick December 7, 2004
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-a stupid slow moving sloth-like creature: found primarily on eastern
long island
-thought to be mostly extinct-
probably fewer than 20 left in the wild..
From the latin EXTINCTUS
Yesterday,I was in Eisenhower Park and I could swear I saw the LOCH NESS,a T-REX and a CAV....It couldn't spell T.A.S.
by ynkx July 23, 2004
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