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Highly ritualized branch of the Military that traded in its horses for HMMWVs and helicopters and its sabers for Anti-Tank Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns and have been tear assing around the world ever since. Dating back to the mongol invention of stirrups to allow men to fight from horseback, the cavalry has been and will continue to be the preminent fighting force on the battle field. Their speed, mobility, self-reliance, and combat effectivness has lead to their use as scouts leading every advance and as the rear guard covering every withdrawl. "First In, Last Out"
"The Cavalry is coming."
by "Yak" October 16, 2005

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A term in common usage by the military for minutes. Comes from the phonetic alphabet where "M" is "Mike"
"Roger, I'll be with you in two mikes."
by "Yak" October 31, 2005

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Used by members of the US Military to describe something utterly useless or otherwise ineffective.
Lit. - A Hoagie made with chicken noodle soup
A version of the more popular soup sandwich
Look at that REMF, he's a god damned Chicken Noodle Hoagie.
by "Yak" October 16, 2005

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