Term used when you're looking to hook up with a guy or guys.
I'm so burnt out on going to the bar and getting drunk with no play. It's time to start hunting rabbits!
by Sai Kopath March 9, 2015
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In Texas Hold Em, when a player has lost, and the hand has ended, but the losing player wants to see what the cards would have been. Never allowed in formal tournaments, occasionally allowed in informal games. Often called by a person who thinks they would have won. A person who rabbit hunts often is sometimes referred to as an Elmer Fudd.
"I'm gonna fold, but can you rabbit hunt? I want to see if I would've made my set."
by Anthony S. December 26, 2005
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Rabbit Hunting
1) Hunting humans
2) going out looking for sex
1)Huntin' humans, ain't nothin' but nothin' they all run like scared little rabbits
2)Michelle can't come with you to your mother's funeral, she's going rabbit hunting
by Rose Marie Driftwood January 11, 2009
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