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A beautiful girl, who doesn't trust easily. She is unique and if you don't like her, who cares? She doesn't! But, if she doesn't like you, watch out! She doesn't care what people think of her, and takes a while to get to know. Once you know her, she is the best friend you'll ever have. Lots of fun and up for anything, this girl is amazing in bed. She puts in 150% into the things she loves and is the best girlfriend you could have. Even though she's majorly hot, she's also smart although you'd never tell by looking at her. She loves to use big words, and to confuse people with them. She also likes scaring people, having her own opinion and dying her hair. This girl is one that you definately want to get to know.
'Damn, that girl is fine!'
'Oh, she must be a catrin.'

'I wish I was as pretty as Catrin!'

'That girl is perfect.'
'Yeah, she's a Catrin!'
by fataliee. September 24, 2011
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The name Catrin belongs to a kind hearted girl. She's always there to comfort people and does her best to make everyone smile. She loves messing around and having a ball. But be careful not to mess with her, she doesn't appreciate people full of themselves. She doesn't need much to be happy only a good family and a few goods friends. She's easy to get along with and can accomplish anything she sets her heart to. Catrin seeks comfort when in need and is sometimes let down by the people close to her, despite this it takes a very close friend or family member to give the comfort she deserves as she doesn't genuinely share her trust with people she's unsure of. She is a brilliant girlfriend but takes a while to adjust due to past relationships and because her trust and respect for another individual shouldn't be taken of an advantage (she deserves the best person possible to put a smile on her face every day and to take her through the good and bad and to stay by her side no matter what). Overall in the end Catrin doesn't care what people say as long as she belives in herself.
Catrin a girl of despicable kind heartedness
Oh I know the girl Catrin, yeah she seems like such a great person
by October 13, 2018
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a girl who saved my life,
she happens to be one of the most beautiful people i know.
when i go to college, i will miss catrin deeply. her smile makes me happy.
by afriendinneed April 06, 2009
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A girl who will appear to be moderately attractive, but will always give that feeling that something is slightly off. This is due to the fact that she's got a large adam's apple, and balls.
Will tuck genitals in between legs and slip down clothings just past the buttocks to provide the illusion of female body parts. Reveals erect penis after intercourse for shock value.
"Dude, watch out for that chick.."
"Why brosky?"
"She's got a huge adam's apple, I think she might be a Catrin.."
"Oh man, you're right, and look at that huge junk-bulge"
by ChevyChev May 06, 2009
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