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Pronounced Ka-th-o-haul-ick

A person who takes catholicism to extremes and tries to dictate the way everyone should live their lives. They can usually be identified by two tell tale signs:

1. They are always in church.
2. They will find something you are going to hell for and become very vocal about it... to everyone.
Guy 1: You were raised Catholic, but you're having premarital sex? ZOMG!!!! You're going to burn in hell with the gays!
Guy 2: Dude you are such a fucking Cathoholic.
by Steve Kalmertine October 09, 2007
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A person who affiliates with the Roman Catholic Church and drinks heavily. Contrary to popular belief, Cathoholics are not limited to being Irish/German Catholics.
Hey did you see Jeff drink at the Lenten Fish Fry last week? He's such a Cathoholic.
by wjp311 March 24, 2011
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An overly catholic person, often an old person, or that weird kid who goes to bible camp
Jimmy's grandma is a raging cathoholic who doesn't let him listen to rock music
by funk master j 8008135 October 16, 2008
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1. one who practices catholocism all the time.
2. one who spends extra time at mass so they can get an extra drink or two.
3. an alcoholic that converts so they can get free wine.
4. someone who gets at the front of the line so they can down the whole cup
-hey, that person just got out of that line and is going to another line. can you recieve Eucharist twice?
-naw man. that cathoholic skipped their AA meeting this week
by tushaba September 13, 2008
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One that practices Catholicism or attends a Catholic institution for the extra drinking days
Dudes a Cathoholic, just goes to church so he can parlay Good Friday into a long weekend.
by Duff Diesel April 24, 2008
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