A word the people in love island keep using to make themselves sound smarter than they actually are.
“I categorically know I have feelings for him”
by Funnyflava July 2, 2019
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A word used by politicians and company board members to avoid telling a lie.
I did not categorically have sexual relations with that woman.

I categorically deny all charges brought against me.
by Bloopy August 18, 2005
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In order to understand the meaning of Categorically False, one must understand the Categorical approach to defining crimes. Where there are two crimes that may be similar in nature, but defined differently in different areas (Such as "Burglary" and "Shoplifting") then one may or may not be the same as the other.

For example, State X defines walking into a store in the middle of the day and stealing X amount of product from the shelf as "Burglary". State Y defines the same action as "Shoplifting". It is in a defense attorney's best interest to argue that this conviction, especially as it applies to Federal Law (enhancing sentences based on prior convictions), does not fall in the same category as a specified crime.

So, in practice, it means that a reporter asking someone's opinion of whether or not the charges of "drug smuggling" to a relative are true. The interviewee would respond, "Those charges are categorically false". Meaning, this person did something... but not defined in the way you just asked about.

However, in popular culture, people using the phrase Categorically False simple mean "wholly untrue", which is incorrect.
(From Luke Cage)

Reporter: "Have you been questioned by the NYPD about your cousin?"

Councilwoman Mariah Dillard: "Family first Robin. I love my cousin Cornell Stokes. The charges against him are categorically false..."
by My Diction is Reckless July 2, 2020
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1. A term frequently used by politicians when accused of something scandalous. It means: "I did it, but as long as there's no smoking gun I will deny it completely." Most such scandals involve illicit sex, bribery, influence peddling or misuse of public funds.

2. A worn-out public relations phrase that nobody believes anymore. Nixon's famous remark -- "I am not a crook" -- sounds positively Shakespearian in comparison.
"The accusation is categorically false!," said South Carolina Republican Nikki Haley. She is accused of having an "inappropriate physical relationship" with the governor's former press secretary.
by Peter Kobs May 24, 2010
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People who fall into one or another category and thus may be eligible for public assistance.
She knew that since her husband had left her with five children, and that she hadn't had a job in ten years, she was one of those destitute persons who had now become categorically needy.
by Luddz June 21, 2015
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A definition with teeth.

Professors will have you study this forever. Here's what you need to know. It means what it sounds like: an imperative (commandment) that you either follow, or you'll be reclassified as immoral.

Kant had his, and many people think his was the only one, but it's not true. A categorical imperative is a definition-based morality. Even the Utilitarians use them.
What will happen if I do something immoral?

You'll have done something immoral.

Oh, it's a categorical imperative.
by cogitheum@mac.com May 4, 2009
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1) A totaly meaningless phrase

2) What someone important about a truth to try and get out of it.

3) "I'm lying"
Asked directly in a telephone interview if he brought up the prospect of Palin suffering from post-partum depression, Schmidt said: “His allegation that I was defaming Palin by alleging post-partum depression at the campaign headquarters is categorically untrue. In fact, I think it rises to the level of a slander because it’s about the worst thing you can say about somebody who does what I do for a living.”
by irishtenor1 July 2, 2009
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