I know you are bored! You are soo bored that you are searching every word you see. I'm bored too, don't worry!
You: I'm very bored, I am going to search any word I can find... Wow, I see the word "Categories" near the search bar, I'm going to look up it's definition.
Me, who did the same, but didn't find any results: Hey, I'm going to write a definicion in urban dictionary, lol.
by @Abu__Memes March 13, 2021
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n. A cat that has been runover, shot, or experienced something that would make it's innards become outtards.
That category didn't see that truck clipping along.
by dextrophan July 31, 2006
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A section of similar items created in order to maintain organization.
by Diggity Monkeez January 22, 2005
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The expression used when something / someone cannot be categorised within a ranked category due to its awesomeness. Can also be abbreviated as OOC.
That car is out-of-category fast!", "That chick is out-of-category hot!
by Boemelaar November 8, 2010
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Testicles come in few shapes, more sizes and even more levels of maintenance and cleanliness. Balls have been arranged into categories by people who care about what they put in their mouths. They are defined as follows

Category 1- The creme de la creme of bollocks. Tight, defuzzed, cleaned with some kind of soap and good sized.

Category 2- Trimmed, wiped with a wet flannel and either slightly large or slightly small. A slight smell of sweat is OK, terrible smell will shunt you down to category 4.

Category 3- Untamed, lynxed to within an inch of their lives, size indistinguishable under the 'fro.

Category 4- Scrotum appears to have space for at least 4 more testicles, overpowering rank scent of stale sweat and ignorant of all hair removal methods.

Category 5- Alien nards. Something weird or horrifying, like an extra one, or ropey veins all over.
Oh no, I won't be sleeping with Jeff again. He was lurking in ball category 4!
by MagickDio August 20, 2010
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Mids-lowest grade, good for starters but once you start getting into good shit such as KB and Headies you dont want to go back
Kb- kind bud or very descent bud. it tends to be a very good tasting intermediate weed
Headies- best kind of bud you can get, best smelling and tasting...the highlight of your life. Tends to be very very crystalline. gets you really fucked up
Categories of Weed favorites-KB and headies...specifics include northern lights, all types of kushes, skunk, sour D, White widow, AK-47, etc. and some hybrids

yo dude I got some sick nasty headies that smells straight up like Gods vagina

weed makes sex better.....its a fact
by budd mann May 12, 2009
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The Milk Category or Anal Milk Category, is an expanse of the human psyche in which the most rampantly fucked up, confuckulated, heavily-medicated, coked-up, what the fuck were you thinkin, holy-motherfucking-shit, and get the fuck outta my face with that shit- thoughts are banished after being spawned from the inner depths of the human soul.

Common subjects usually assigned to the Milk Category are violent beatings, prison rapings, belligerent homosexual ass fucking, skeet, and strangely uncomfortable fucked up and/or confuckulated statements in general.
1) Get the FUCK outta my face with that shit! That's goin in the Milk Category!

2)Why is the Hippo Ass Raping the Hemi in my Dodge Ram 4x4?!!.....Milk...Milk....Milk....
by Dhat Nhu Shyt October 19, 2007
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