Catch wreck does not mean to fight. The two other entries are done by people who do not listen to real hiphop. Catching wreck means to gain respect, acquire props , receive admiration, or obtain recognition for creating dope lyrics. Used in Hiphop.
"I catch wreck like drunk drivers"

~Mad Skillz - Unseen World
by Robloblah September 5, 2011
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There are two meanings to 'catching wreck'.

1. Getting beat up.

2.Boosting or stealing clothes and getting away with it, almost like coming up on a pot of gold.
1. Son 'caught wreck' yesterday after school. Son is mad hurt today.

1. Son is going to catch wrek after school today.

2 Son caught wreck out at the Polo Mansion yesterday, came up with mad Polo shirts.

2. Son is going to catch wreck at the Polo Mansion today.
by catch wreck September 14, 2012
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"I just racked a grip of cans, me and the crew gonna catch wreck."
"I hit the train yard lastnight and caught mad wreck."
by Dudevader October 31, 2018
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Catching wreck is to put on a superb performance when engaging in an activity that requires skill (such as sports or freestyle rapping); going hard in general
In your stereo sets, Nas’ll Catch wreck
by Sneakyturtle348 December 10, 2019
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To participate in reckless behavior. To start a fight
puff mad lah catch wreck with my crew
by Ian Saints November 3, 2008
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to get beaten, either literally or in a rap battle. popular in rap lyrics. (see urban dictionary entry for "wreck")
he kept talking shit about that crew, next thing you know, he caught wreck.

mess with my crew and you'll catch wreck..
by quinn__ September 12, 2006
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