A man with some class who has the ability or skill to attract women at random. A smooth talker. A pantydropper. A man who has a very cunning method to lure women into his arms or into his bed.
That catbird on the dance floor has already got him a women loaded up tonight!
The bird chases the cat out of the front yard, hence the word catbird. Cause a true catbird is always chasing the pussy!
You can tell by the way he's dressed, that dude is a catbird!
by Harvey Rodriquez March 30, 2008
Old metal guy who lives in Total Rock.
Job: To rid the world of the 'small headed cunt'
'You Fanny'
by SPLIFFTURD March 6, 2004
Transitioner, ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO BE, mostly used in moments of excitement, grief, failing, success, happiness, sadness, pain, glee, caffiene highs and most other emotions.

Look at that fucking catbird!!! He's hot shit!

OMG CATBIRD!!! I just burnt my fucking hand on this plastic!
by Keri and Megan February 14, 2006
When selling bonds via BWIC, the catbird seat is the best initial bidder who will receive the best color and last look.
I'd love to trade you the bonds now, but I have to give last look to the catbird seat
by Sandwich Portfolio October 10, 2019
George Bush is in the catbird seat for now, but John Kerry is expected to give him a run for his money.
by Ansky1213 May 7, 2004
Tucked in between two rigs with ears on, one shaking trees, one raking leaves.
I was in the catbird seat all the way from Phoenix to Tulsa, hardly never got below 75.
by By Jove August 5, 2006