A caster is a person that can shift an occupied room’s atmosphere or mood by their presence alone. This can be attributed to the caster’s strong aura or spiritual energy emanating from their heart chakra or a very strong emotional state. Caster’s have the ability to shift the atmosphere of a room in both spectrum of polarity. Good or Bad. Warning ⛔️ Some casters are oblivious to this ability.
B: It’s funny how the mood of this room shifts into the feeling of being in a graveyard when John’s around.

J: Yes, he must be a Caster. Clearly he is carrying a lot of strong emotions and maybe going through loss of a love one. This is something one cannot control.
by Chostkun May 06, 2021
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1. To go both ways on an issue.

2. To attempt to have your cake and eat it too.
Obama totally Castered that health care reform debate when he tried to appease Republicans and keep that public option in at the same time.

Caster Semenya castered that race when she ran it with a pair of testes in her belly.
by Frank3780 September 11, 2009
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balls to be cut off, penis detached, penis bye bye
The casterated turkey was walkin through the woods.
by alyssa April 16, 2005
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casters(cast'rs), rockers stoners.people who attend concerts and wave their fist in the air as if casting a fishing rod.
Dude!I went to the Judas Priest concert last night.Man you should have seen all of the casters and rocker chicks.
by jimush August 18, 2006
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Streamer/Youtuber with over 30k subs on YouTube,(6k on Twitch) plays cs:go,minecraft and a lot of other games. Very sweet guy, 10/10 would reccomend watching
G1: You should sub to Jc the caster!
G2: Isnt that the guy who cant get over minecraft because of its nostalgia?

G1: I mean.. I guess
by vishuscactii February 08, 2019
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A plaster cast sculpted after celebrities private parts by groupies or significant others.
"That KISS groupie has the coolest plaster caster of Gene's dick!"
by Karen Alyson April 01, 2008
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