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Noun: One who works on Veep Avenue. Technically, a cartographer is one whose trade is the production of maps. As of the Calendar year 2013, this definition has come to encompass one who is a genius in creating programming/interaction between two or more applications.
Shara Wessel is one hell of a Cartographer! She loves to map!
by AGDIC July 10, 2014
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In-game press back and enter these code Chicken Mode-xxyab
Mega Noggin-axbya
Slow Mo Mode-yybxa
Helium Mode-xaybx
Two Dimensional Mode Two Dimensional Mode: Press Back then B, A, X, Y, A.
God Mode. Press Back then X X A B A
Up Down Left Right A and Start together.
by Ashley Johnson October 28, 2003
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